Day Three Durham - VBS Prep

Another day down. Another 50 miles walked! Oh yes...Durham is full of hills. And walking. Ask the team when we get back. We'll all have stylish calves. And Megan ran for the first time in six months during our picture treasure hunt. There ARE miracles. :-)

Below are some pictures from our camp prep time and then our scavenger hunt. I'll try and have captions for them all.

The camp is being held at a local girl's high school.

Team America, as we are affectionately called, somehow got put in charge of the art. I hope you enjoy the work they've put in. From the NBA finals to the Ashes (that's Cricket), they were at work for a couple of hours in the morning.

Burke and Jon are leading basketball and baseball respectively. They are going to do an awesome job. Also, the Brits apparently don't believe in dribbling a basketball or a backboard so they play a game called "Netball." We've also been tenderly told baseball is not a real skill game. You should have seen Jon's face when I told him THAT. :-) We'll throw some fastballs tomorrow and see how they do with them and wicket.

After lunch we had a game of rugby; thank you Burke and Jonathan for not making me the only
American running around looking out of place. We also had a excellent time of Bible teaching led by Leo, associate pastor of Christchurch, and then a time of prayer.

The next set of pics are of our teams for the picture scavenger hunt. There is also a video of Olivia Wall looking like a "lost tourist" in Durham. She played the part well.

Our prayers for today would be continued willingness to die to ourselves as we serve the body of Christchurch (Philippians 2). We would also ask you to pray for Lily Hoch as she is not feeling well and stayed in for some extra sleep this evening. And lastly, please beseech God to prepare us for camp tomorrow. Almost 60 kids were signed up today and we hoping more show up!

We love you all and can't wait to see you again to share our time in Durham.

In Christ,