Tea and Crumpets

Hello All,
Izzy here.
Today was our first full day in England. My host family is a lovely couple named Robbie and Lizzie Bellis. This morning we went to Christchurch and heard a great message on Luke 22:46. It was on the importance of prayer. Afterwards we had a BBQ at Leo and Vicky Davison's, Olivia Dupree's host family, and that was lovely. The Davison's have three children that are all very sweet and they seem to absolutely adore Olivia! We went on a nice walk and afterwards I came back to Robbie and Lizzie's house and had some down time before going to the evening service. It was just as nice as the morning service. The message was on 1 Samuel 10-11. It was about rejecting, choosing, and needing a saviour (spell check is telling me I need to spell it this way) and God's sovereignty in providing a saviour. I have officially drank more cups of tea in the past day and a half than I have in the last year of my life... and i'm loving it. It is a habit I plan on taking home with me. I feel so blessed to be in Durham and involved with such a loving and Gospel centred (again...spell check) church and I am so excited to start working and preparing for the Sports Camp, tomorrow! Please pray that the team is energized and willing to serve in any way possible!