Thursday Recap and Prayer Requests (From Megan)

England has been amazing on so many levels. Of course, there is the fact that everything is so OLD! The house we are staying in was built around the time America was founded! It has three levels, three spare bedrooms, a beautiful terrace out front and a lush garden in back. The townhouse next door is a posh bed and breakfast. We feel like we are staying in one, as well! Our hosts are a couple named Bob and Susan. Bob is a retired human resources director, which has spurred many good conversations and warmed my heart, missing my own dad who had the same profession. The similar struggles we've shared has made them feel like a long lost aunt and uncle rather than complete strangers halfway around the world! We are very, very blessed!

Camp has been amazing. We were told of how little the gospel is preached here, but I think I still came with the expectation that the English are Americans with cool accents. How wrong I was! In the midst of the beauty of castles and cathedrals, there are very few churches here that are preaching Christ. One of the boys in our group at Sports Camp told us that this week was the first time he had ever heard that God created the world. He has been very open to talking about the gospel and asking questions. So far this week, we've talked about Creation, Sin, The Cross, and tomorrow is The Choice. Only two of the ten kids in our group are from a church, so please pray, as we intentionally try to gauge where each child is at tomorrow, that we would be bold in proclaiming the gospel and that kids' hearts would be changed. Like Izzy said, we are having a lunch tomorrow for the kids and the parents, and on Sunday there will be a special church service (and "medal ceremony"!) that the families are invited to as well. And, of course, pray for the leaders here, that they would be intentional in following up with the families.

Hearing the little boy say that he'd never heard about a creator God was so moving to me today. What an amazing, sobering privilege, that we could very well be the first people to ever pray for this boy. In the midst of all the beauty around us, camp has been a constant reminder of the reason we are here in England, and I think has spurred us all on to go back to the States and continue reaching out beyond our comfort zone.

Finally, a few specifics on the team:

*We have been privileged to have Burke as our leader, yesterday in Basketball and today in Hockey. I was amazed to hear that it was his first time teaching younger children like this. He's a natural, and it was so fun to watch such a gifted young man use that gift for God's glory. He has volunteered to play the bass guitar on Sunday, stating, "It can't be that hard." :)

*Jonathan also has done a great job coaching baseball, and has had loads of patience for young kids who do not grasp the sport. There has been a lot of running off the field at third base, which is how you play Rounders. The sports are so similar, it's been hilarious to watch countless rules be broken. Jonathan has done a great job being flexible and yet still giving instruction. And I'm sure he felt no small amount of satisfaction today, striking out a college student! :)

*Olivia Wall has been asked, daily, to do more and more art projects for camp. In addition, she's the "Sports Reporter," hamming it up on stage each day. It's been amazing to see her servant heart and great sense of humor. Without fail, at the end of another exhausting day, she comes up with a smile and a hug and reminds me why we are here.

*Olivia Dupree has been so great with the little kids, taking in stride toddlers' "accidents" and cupcake crumbs everywhere and very few attempts at actually playing the games. She certainly has a gift for small children. We are already making plans to coerce her into babysitting when we return. Olivia has also volunteered to help with music on Sunday, and I'm anxious to hear this talented girl!

*Leah has such a servant's heart! All of the things that we take for granted, happening behind the scenes, she is a part of. From hot coffee and tea to setting up the parents' area, she's cheerfully taken on any task that needs doing. I'm humbled by her willingness to serve, doing the things she's gifted with, such as art, as well as the less glamorous jobs.

*Izzy has had so much joy, being here. Every time I see her, whether it's painting signs, interacting with kids, or at the end of a long day, she has a dazzling smile on her face. I'm not so sure she's going to get on the plane with the rest of us! I was privileged to hear her and Lily tell stories about their sister Caroline today, and even in that, there was a peace and joy that radiates from her. When you look at Izzy, you see Jesus.

*Lily has been such a trooper! Even feverish and ill, she never complains! I've had so much fun with her, watching her gymnastics videos and seeing her engage anyone she talks to. I love that whether she's talking to a small child, a peer, or an adult, she is confident and gracious. In the time that she spent with our host family while she was sick, they came to love her as much as we do.

Please be praying today for our last day of camp, which will take place from 1:45-5:00 am Spokane time, and for families to attend the special service on Sunday.

We look forward to returning to Spokane and sharing more of what God has been doing on our hearts!