Istanbul. What would Paul have thought if he could have flown over Asia Minor as he prayerfully considering where to plant churches? Turkey today is cosmopolitan. Home of a large population struggling between two world views: Islam, legacy of the Ottoman Empire and Western secularism, legacy of Kemal Ataturk. How would he have shared the gospel in this context today? Turkey: is it European or Asian? Would he start with the Torah or would he start with a conversation between Islam and Christianity? Or would he just attack the idolatry of this culturally rich people? Turkey. Straddling the Orient and the Occident. Two worlds. Reminds me of being a follower of Jesus. Stuck between the now and not yet. Living by the Spirit but struggling to walk in that same Spirit. Fighting my own idolatry. Home of ancient empires. Home of a grand civilizational battle. Welcome to Turkey. Loren.