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Riverview Bible Camp
408771 Highway 20
Cusick, WA 99119
(509) 487-2786


Men's Retreat 2017

Please note the Retreat days are Oct. 6-7!

It seems like a new world out there, with lots of discussion about identity, self-identifying, and a whole new language around our sexual identity. As Christian men, how can we first understand our context and second, how can we lead our families in today's world? How does the gospel intersect with our societies' current sexual identity obsession? That's the topic of this year's retreat!

Josh Malone is one of the Elders here at CTR and lectures in Theology at Moody Bible Institute. He teaches a class there on Biblical Sexuality and so he's ready to help us engage with this topic!

Please come along! Sign up below, you can pay below as well, and as soon as we get the particulars of schedule, menu, activities, etc., we'll post them here.