Benevolence Action Team

The Benevolence Action Team is fashioned after the Biblical principal set forth in Acts 4:32-38, where those in need were provided for by their own congregation.

The team is comprised of six to eight CTR members, who are approved for service by the Board of Elders. One of the team members must also be on the Board of Elders.

The BAT's primary purpose is to administer the CTR Assistance Fund and to provide limited financial assistance to certain members of the church who, for reasons beyond their control, find themselves in financial distress. The BAT also maintains a database of member skills and helps members meet their physical needs, which range from auto and plumbing repairs to transportation requests.

The BAT Chairman position is held by the CTR Deacon of Finance, who is appointed by the Board of Elders. Robb Peterson serves in those capacities. The BAT Vice Chairman position is selected by a simple majority vote of the team and is held by Lon Parmely.

The team meets monthly or as requested by the Chairman or Vice Chairman. Members of the BAT do not need a financial background, just a desire to solve problems and an ability to discreetly serve our members with compassion and grace.

CTR Members needing financial assistance are requested to contact a team member and complete a Benevolence Assistance Application Form.